To relieve eye redness, puffiness, itching, and watering that commonly occur with allergies.


Avoid touching the dropper tip to the eyelids, surrounding areas or any other surface as this may contaminate the product

Do not use NAPHCON-A Eye Drops while soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses are in place. Soft contact lenses can be inserted 15 minutes after instillation of Naphcon-A Eye Drops.

One to two drops of NAPHCON-A Eye Drops should be instilled into the affected eye(s) three to four times daily

Contact a doctor for review if the symptoms persist for more than 72 hours or worsen.

Untuk melegakan kemerahan mata, bengkak, gatal-gatal, dan penyiraman yang biasanya berlaku dengan alergi.


Naphcon-A (Naphazoline, Pheniramine) Eye Drop 15ml