For treatment of diarrhoea in children over 3 months of age.

The child should receive adequate hydration when on treatment with Hidrasec


Hidrasec is supplied in the form of granules.The granules should be added to food or mixed with water in a glass or baby bottle. Mix well and give immediately to your child. The recommended daily dose depends on your child’s weight: 1.5 mg/kg per dose (corresponding to 1 to 2 sachets), three times daily at regular intervals. In children weighing from 13 to 27 kg: one sachet per dose. In children of approximate weight more than 27 kg: two sachets per dose. 

Your child's treatment should be continued until your child has two normal stools, and not exceeding 7 days. 

Side effects are uncommon (1-10:1000): Tonsilitis, rash and skin redness.

Hidrasec (racecadotril) Children 30mg Granules